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1. Core value:

The environmental protection and development are major issues which attracts universal attention in the nowadays world. During the long course of struggle, the human beings have achieved tremendous success in nature transformation and economic development especially since the industrial revolution. In the meanwhile, the mismanagement in the industrialization process, in particular immoderate exploiture of natural resource, has caused the globally environmental pollution and ecology destroy, which posed threat to humanity's survival and the development. The protection of ecological environment and realization of sustainable development has become an urgent and the arduous duty for the world.

As one of the renewable energy industries, we will zealously fulfill our responsibility to the society and the environment, and regard promoting the harmonious development of the humanity, society and nature as our task.

2. Concept of core services:

(1)Good brand: ECO Future - Top brand in PV field.

(2)Good services: we set up special professional PV technical and service’s team. We can solute many problems for customers at first time.

(3)Good technology: The R & D team composed of a lot of Dr. under the leadership of well-known experts and professors ,has introduced a new photovoltaic technology solutions to meet customer needs.